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Frequently Asked Questions About Dream Turf Synthetic Lawns

Synthetic lawns, what is the typical cost per square foot installed for Dream Turf?

The cost can vary depending on volume, site access and site prep. Most synthetic lawns average about $12 per square foot installed but the range is usually $10-$14 per square foot. Rooftops and jobs with difficult access are priced higher.

Synthetic turf, does Dream Turf work well with dogs?

Dream Turf works great for dogs and has proven durability for many years. Dog waste does not harm the turf and the turf is easy to clean.

Synthetic grass, does Dream Turf drain well?

Dream Turf drains better than real grass and can solve most drainage problems associated with real grass in damp areas.

Playground turf, does Dream Turf work well for daycare applications?

Dream Turf is a perfect solution for daycare facilities. It’s safe, drains great, no grass stains, no mud and adds value to the property.

Artificial grass, does Dream Turf offer a warranty?

Dream Turf is backed by a 10 year manufacturer’s warranty.

Artificial lawn, is Dream Turf suitable for rooftop applications?

We have installed numerous rooftops with excellent success. It’s a great way to make an ugly area beautiful and useable.

Can synthetic turf melt?
Yes, polyethylene grass blades have a melting point around 200 degrees fahrenheit. In rare cases, some low E windows can reflect harmful rays over 200 degrees fahrenheit that can damage turf. Also, it is important to keep gas powered engine tools off the turf as their hot engine can melt the turf. It’s a good idea to keep a remnant from the original dyelot in the event you ever have damage.

How long does it take to install artificial turf?
It really depends on the size and access. Typically one crew can install 500 square feet per day. Sometimes we will put two crews on one job. Also, weather can delay a job as it is very difficult to seam and infill in rainy weather.

Does Dream Turf use crumb rubber pellets for infill?

Does Dream Turf contain lead?

No, our turf does not contain lead and has been tested and certified to be lead free by an independent testing lab. Click here to see PDF Report

What areas does Dream Turf synthetic turf solutions service?
North to Marysville and south to part of Renton (north of Hwy 169). We have certified dealers located in Portland, Tacoma, Bremerton, Whidbey Island, Bellingham, Spokane and Chelan.